Hiccups, Poet-Unknown

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There is this poem on Hiccups that we used to recite as kids. This poem has been an all-time favourite for the pure entertainment value it provides when recited. I have recited it so many times that I think I still remember parts of it. I thought of googling the parts I remember to find out the entire poem, alas, i couldn’t find anything. So before i forget these parts as well, I am archiving it here. Hopefully, some other wandering soul on the internet might have the other parts and will help me piece it together. So here goes the poem as it is in my head:

Hiccups Poet: unknown.

I think this is nothing (hic!) as bad, As (hic!)cups, that you can’t stop. The start so suddenly and (hic!), they make your words jump and hop.

Sometimes they are quick, like (hic!) (hic!) (hic!), Sometimes they are slow,you think they are through, but when you don’t expect (hic!) then another (hic!) comes out of you.

Your Aunt may says, Hold your breath and count to ten, but very slow, now are they gone? you are not quite sure, you will  have to wait and see, and (hic!), nooo.

Your uncle pete says, Bow your head and drink some water upside down, and (hic!) that gets water in your nose! it makes you sneeze and frown.

Your friends all tell you things to do, Each one of them has got a trick, You try them all, but nothing works you keep (hic!)cupping.

You (hic!) for hours, and as you do, your body shakes from toe to top, and as quickly as it comes, with one last(hic!) your hiccups, stop.