Battling with the Computer - 1 of many

1 minute read


My epic plans of self-training myself into a Data Scientist, failed as miserably as the first few models I made for the problem sets on Kaggle. Meanwhile, I was being humbled by more simpler problems in the world of Computers, namely ‘battery plugged in and not charging’. The problem has been solved for now, without a penny being spent; taking it down for future reference.

So, basically this one fine night, when I was just done with an assignment, due next morning [yes, that sort of timing does happen!], my Dell Inspiron 15R N5110 decided to go on a (hunger) strike and hence refused to charge the battery, which essentially meant that I can’t take my laptop for the presentation anymore. Fellow wingies were trying to console me that 2 years is good life for a battery and the time has come for its replacement.  The usual noob measures of restarting the computer, cleaning the battery pack yada yada yada didn’t work and hence Google searches were the next order of business.

Thankfully, the painful ordeal of going through the day with no charge in my laptop ended here. What worked was a weird method of shutting down my laptop, removing the charger and keeping the power button pressed for a minute. Apparently, this ensures that all the extra power the motherboard is storing is drained off. Or something like that. I was more happy to see that this simple trick worked and didn’t bother investigating it further.

Hope this helps someone else as well.

If it doesn’t, you can try updating your BIOS, apparently.