VR Works


VR Works is an on-going side project I have taken up at work with the goal of exploring the emerging field of virtual reality by prototyping a bunch of ideas and perfecting them for eventual productisation. My focus is on building authoring systems which can help democratise content creation in virtual reality. Current prototypes are geared towards education and training scenarios in virtual reality. Specifically, I prototyped the following three ideas:

a) 360 degree video authoring through a webcamera Presenter Video Express is a video creation tool used for creating screencasts, software demos and interactive video lessons. In VR Works we extend the capability of PVX to publish immersive spherical videos to YouTube 360 with just the click of a button. PVX stitches the video streams together, injects metadata for 360 rendering and publishes it to YouTube! The author can swap the background with a panorama of their choice and put their audience in a context sensitive environment enabling a fully immersive distraction-free experience.

b) Adaptive Learning Different students learn at different pace and in different styles. Some need references and some look for a deep-dive. Linear videotimelines do not adapt. Let learners study the way they want. In our flexible virtual classroom you can follow the primary video— or look the other side for a reference video. Or maybe turn around to play with an interactive item while learning the content.

c) Behance++ Create an immersive portfolio that leaves an impression—a portfolio in virtual reality. Mix and match your 2D and 3D designs and show them all on a uniform platform that is interactive and engaging. Let each visit to your portfolio simulate the experience of viewing your work in an Art Gallery with the added advantage of gathering data driven insights on the interactions with each of your exhibits

This work was demonstrated to senior executives including the CTO at Tech Fair 2016, organised internally in Adobe.